Performance, Research Project
fek.s., Aalborg, Denmark, 2019
curated by Scott William Raby

The project AAAA was an event-based public artwork initiated by artists Lukas Heistinger and Bernhard Garnicnig as part of their exhibition with the platform f.eks.

AAAA (which stood for AAlborg Anti-Artwashing) seeked to encourage interactions between the artistic, public, corporate, and government interests surrounding Aalborg’s transformation from an industrial to a cultural city. Through a combination of private conversations and public events the artists’ aim to rethink the parts art can play in the future contexts of the city.

AAAA invited local artists, developers, government officials, and publics into the project. After a collective sailboat voyage across the Limfjord, a final ‘Policy Transformation Proposal’ was handed over to the local government in a ceremony at the Aalborg harbor front.

The project AAAA forms the basis for Aalborg Artist’s Association, all rights to the name and logo was handed over to local artists in Northern Jutland in order to create a responsible long-term vision for art and culture in the city of Aalborg.

(text by Scott William Raby)
Sailing on the Limfjord on the temporarily renamed sailing vessel ‘SV Policy Transformation’ with the audience and various actors in Aalborg’s cultural scene
Musician playing guitar solo as ‘SV Policy Transformation’ is docking in front the Utzon Center in Aalborg’s city center
First signature on the Aalborg Anti Artwashing Agreement 
Inauguration of ‘first anti-art-washing city’
Boarding “SV Policy Transformation”
Workshop with local artists in Aalborg  
Developing strategies to artistically and politically react to thistoric transformation of Aalborg’s economy from a formerly industrial city to a ‘cultural city’.