(Installation view) Video Installation of Josefin Arnell, Prix de Rome 2023, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Exhibition Design for Installation of artist Josefin Arnell for exhibition Prix de Rome 2023
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2023 The temporary cinema installation in the new building of the Stedelijk Museum was designed with notions of blockbuster cinemas in mind. Red velvet curtains and colorful carpets created a stark contrast to the white cube halls of the museum. On entering, the audience was invited to take place infront of the room filling projection of Josefin Arnell’s short film production Buurthuis 2 for the 2023 edition of Prix de Rome; the most prestigious award for contemporary arts in the Netherlands.  
(Rendering) Central projection filling entire wall. The room has been used for screening video in the past. it was turned into cinema completely for Josefin’s installation of Buurthuis 2
(Rendering) Elements from blockbuster cinemas should contrast the white cube exhibition setting of Prix de Rome. Textiles, carpets, and props were partially recycled from the older exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum.