AAAA - (Mis)using Business Practices (toward Artistic Policy Transformation)
Workshop, 24.7.2023, Huset, Aalborg

Workshop and picnic with Artist Project Group (APG) member Lukas Heistinger (AT/NL) as part of APG’s ongoing artist residency with f.eks. AIR.

(Event Poster) Public workshop as part of  f.eks. Air residency in Aalborg in July 2023

“In this event, artists, cultural workers, and the general public is invited to experimentally workshop artistic engagement in local “value creation chains” by using basic business development techniques. Contemporary business methodologies, tools, and “skillsets” largely imitate artistic processes. Business conferences and consultancies proclaim “creativity”, “criticality”, and “collaboration” as highly valued parts of the domain of “problem-solving”. With the idea to interrogate and (mis)use some of these techniques, Heistinger will guide the workshop participants on a short excursion into the world of business development to co-create speculative proposals in relation to cultural policy in Aalborg.  

Lukas Heistinger is following-up on the Aalborg Anti-Artwashing Agreement (also known as AAAA) - a project by Bernhard Garnicnig and Heistinger that was curated and organized by f.eks. in 2019 - one of the steps in the foundation of AAAA - or the Aalborg Artist’s Association shortly thereafter. The workshop is part of an assessment of how artists can contribute to municipal, regional, and national cultural policy development in more sustainable ways. The result of the workshop (and subsequently the artist’s residency period) will be a video essay that is currently in development by APG.”
Experimenting with business development techniques for local cultural productions

Workshop participant worked in groups to try different ideation tools and test if they can be used to further interests of the artists in the city and use language and methods of business development for creating a vision for the cultural strategy of the city of Aalborg.