Supergood, Diálogos Com Ernesto de Sousa
Group Show
in collaboration with Bernhard Garnicnig
MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology ), Lisbon, 2018
curated by Hugo Canoilas

(Installation view) Entrance of exhibition

The exhibition curated by artist Hugo Canoiles related to one of the key figures of contemporary arts in Portugal, Ernesto de Sousa. Canoiles invited a number of artists in relation to different aspects of de Sousas work. The invitiation to Supergood was to create a public framework fo the exhibition and collaborate with the marketing department of the museum.

During the Portuguese military dictatorshop, suppression of critique  and cencorship  made the commercial medium of the poster one of the few outlets calling for political reform safely. As it was hardly possible to know who was spying on you and who to trust, the posters were an anonymous way breaking the silence created by fear and suppression. De Sousa had a large collection of posters that are today in multiple national and private collections. Re-using branding mechanisms and marketing strategies for our work, Supergood opened a dialgue to this  perspective  on appropriating  corporate strategies .

Exhibition poster by Supergood. In relation to the performance ‘Nós Não Estamos Algures’ from 1969 produced by Ernesto de Sousa

(Installation view) Supergood exhibition extending to the front entrance of the old building of MAAT. Conventional merch and branded advertisement items are used to frame museum collaboration. 

(Installation view) Supergood Merch sold at MAAT museum shop

Supergood merch worn by museum visitors strolling along the shore